Memphis'  Free-Roll  Bar  Poker  League

River Rat Rounders is a freeroll bar poker league in the Memphis and surrounding areas.  We play at several different locations where our players are playing for prizes and accumulating points to qualify for bigger tournaments.

Want to join? Simply show up to one of our nightly games!  After your first night, you'll automatically be issued a player number. Here are some of the benefits to playing poker with us: 

IT’S FREE!!  You can win prizes, points, and ways to get qualified for bigger tournaments!

IT’S LIVE!!  Every poker player needs experience playing real players… especially if your specialty is playing online.

 IT’S SOCIAL!!  With poker, you meet people just because the game forces you to interact. When you sit down, you may not know the person sitting across from you, but by the end of the night, you'll be on a first name basis with them.  Keep coming back and you'll have made yourself some new friends! 

 IT’S LEGAL!!  You aren’t paying any money to play, the chips are of no cash value, the prizes are non-cash, and you have nothing to lose, IT’S 100% LEGAL!!

IT PROVIDES A WIDE RANGE OF PLAYERS!!  Free Roll tournaments bring in all kinds of people at all different skill levels to come play. 

IT'S COMPETITIVE  You play for points with the possibility of being invited to play in a Tournament of Champions to win a seat at a real tournament in Tunica.  Standings are updated weekly on the website.

 PRACTICE!!!  As pro player Mike Sexton once said, “No Limit Texas Hold ‘em takes a minute to learn, but a lifetime to master.”  Providing a live setting with different skill levels gives every poker player… from a first time player to a seasoned casino regular… a place to practice.  

See our Facebook feed here for up to date happenings and winners!

**Click on the locations tab at the top to find out where we're playing!  

River Rat Rounders

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