Bring your card guards and USE them!

100 extra in chips for your PERSONALIZED card guards made by the league

500 extra in chips for your GREEN Card Guards (1 win)

1000 extra in chips for your WHITE Card Guards (5 wins)

1500 extra in chips for your BLACK Card Guards (10 wins)

2000 extra in chips for our TOC, RED cg, and CHARITY Champions! (15 wins)

2500 extra in chips for your BLUE card guards (20 wins)

3000 extra in chips for your YELLOW card guards (30 wins)

3500 extra in chips for your PINK card guards (40 wins)

4000 extra in chips for your PURPLE card guards (50 wins)

4500 extra in chips for KOKAPELLI card guards (60+ wins)

  • -Sign up to be a table dealer, get 5000 extra chips
  • -Bring new players, get 2000 in chips for you and 4000 for the new player
  • -Wear River Rat Apparel. 500 max to be earned.
  • -Arrive 30 mins early to help set up, get 500
  • -Put a car decal on your car, get 500 every time you play!
  • -normal chip incentives for featured shot, food, mixed drinks, bucket, etc.  All on the app when you sign in to play. 
  • -Comment on our facebook posting for tonight's game by 6pm, get 500 extra chips
  • -Bring your HORSESHOE tournament slips, get 2000 extra for paid tournaments.  Max of two per game. 
  • -Bring cash game HORSESHOE hours slips, get 1000 in chips for every hour logged, max 4000 in one game to be redeemed for all Horseshoe extras. 
  • -DRINK MILLER PRODUCTS! For every A.S. Barbaro family of beers, 2000 chips.  Buckets:  12,000 chips
  • -DRINK OLD DOMINICK PRODUCTS!  6000 chips, Featured Shot for the night:  14000 when you buy 2 two. 


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