Because of where this one falls in our quarter, you'll only need 25 points to qualify! You'll have between Friday, May 19th and Friday, May 26th to get out and play! 

If you have never played in a casino, this is your chance to try it out!! YOU are the reason that Horseshoe is doing this for us!! They want us to be comfortable enough to play in a casino setting and why not try it with people you know?! For those of us that have played at casinos before, then you know how great this deal is… to have a $1500 guarantee with a $35 buy-in!

$1500 Guaranteed Prize pool AND It's only $35 with one optional $20 add-on/rebuy!! Use the option at ANY time before the break (as long as you're not in a hand). The last one was a TON of fun and you won't want to miss this one! 

I am going to have our normal sign in sheets for you to get an extra 500 points for wearing your shirts and hoodies! If you play cash this day…. You’ll get double time racked up…. AND of course, if you keep your tournament slip and bring it to your next RRR game, you’ll get 1000 extra chips! ***Don’t forget to go to the desk and ask for your cash play hours! 

The players who "make it into the money" will be getting a Horseshoe card guard equivalent to a White one. 1000 extra chips at our nightly games and they never expire! 


The buy-in is $35 at the cage (far left in the poker room), you must have your Total Rewards players card (with a RRR sticker on it that I'll put on there). If you don’t have a players card yet, go to the Total Rewards desk to get one… takes just a few seconds if there’s no line. ONE optional $20 add-on/re-buy is allowed for the first 7 blinds and you can use this option at ANY POINT during the 1st seven blinds at the actual table. If you want to get your extra 5000 chips as soon as you sit down, you can! 

**Before you enter the tournament, you MUST sign in with Teresa FIRST! 


-You must be in your seat when the 1st card is dealt to keep your hand!

▪ USE your card guards!! You’ll learn QUICK why card protectors are important. If you don’t have something on top protecting your hand, it may be mucked!

▪ There are antes. Antes come in the 4th blind where everyone pays every hand… blinds are still normal. It keeps action going on the table and makes the pots bigger. The antes go up every blind level. Don’t worry; the dealer will keep us all in check with it.

-Exposing of hands, using your cell phone while in a hand, showing your cards to other players in a hand, using the F bomb, acting out of turn.... all things that could end up getting you a 5 hand penalty. Just be careful, but don't get embarrassed if it happens to you. Teresa gets penalties all the time :) 

▪ When you make it “into the money” most of the time the players make a deal for a “chop”. You never have to agree to a chop that you don’t like and you also don't ever have to agree to a chop at all. You can play it all the way out to a winner if you'd like; however, there come a point in the tournament where the blinds get so high that you aren't necessarily playing poker anymore... the luck factor comes in to play and before long the chip leader could be out or a short stack could shove and suddenly be your chip leader. A chop only happens when it’s unanimously agreed upon by all players left. If you are chip leader, I advise that you do NOT agree to an even chop! 

▪ If you win any amount of money from this tournament, TIP YOUR DEALERS!! 5% of your winnings is comparable to the customary 15-20% we tip our servers.

-Most importantly: Get comfortable in our favorite poker room and HAVE FUN!!!



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