THE WSOP PLAYOFFS ARE HERE! First two Saturdays in January at 3pm. Places will be posted asap. 

Here's how it will work: 6000 starting stack (8 if you had both quarters) The blind structure is identical the the mega satellite from Horseshoe's Winter Poker Classic and posted in the comments. 

The point system for each game will be the same as RRR. 
1st: 1000
2nd: 750
3rd: 600
4th: 500
5th: 400
6th: 300
7th: 200
8th: 100
9th: 50
showing up to play: 25

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The player with the MOST points at the end of the two game playoffs will win the seat/seats. As the rules are posted, one main seat will be given and we will have a little left over for the 2nd place points earner.