Card Guard Winners 

Each night, the winners of the tournaments get a GREEN River Rat Rounders card guard representing the game # they won. Theyre not only to used to protect your cards while you play, but they also serve as little trophies and get you extra chips to play with at our nightly games! After your 5th win, you start getting PERSONALIZED card guards with your name and tournament numbers on them serving as milestones for you to work towards. Milestone CG can be picked up at any of Brandons games but in order to upgrade you must turn in all of your green card gurads from the previous milestone and any that are missing will cost $5. Each Season runs from June to June and everyone resets back to zero at the start of each new Season.

GREEN= 1 win, 500 extra chips

WHITE= 5 wins OR Horseshoe $1500 Guarantee cashes, 1000 extra chips

BLACK= 10 wins, 1500 extra chips

RED= 15 wins OR Tournament of Champions winners, 2000 extra chips

BLUE= 20 wins, 2500 extra chips

YELLOW= 30 wins, 3000 extra chips plus a FREE RRR TSHIRT

PINK= 40 wins, 3500 extra chips plus a FREE RRR HODDIE

PURPLE= 50 wins, 4000 extra chips plus a $20 add-on for our RRR $1500 Tourneys at Horseshoe!

KOKAPELLI CARD GUARDS: These card guards will be metal and will represent anything over 60 wins. Each time you hit a 10 win milestone (70,80,90, etc….) you’ll get $35 initial buy-in for our RRR $1500 Tourney at Horseshoe!